Joel Arberman

Managing Member

Mr. Arberman has coordinated the accounting, audit, legal and regulatory process by which eleven companies have become publicly traded. He has been an analyst for two money management firms and partner of an investment banking firm where he played a role in more than a dozen private placements, initial public offerings, secondary offerings and merger transactions.

Ted Cohn

Business Development – Technology Focused

Silicon Valley veteran technologist, architect, developer, entrepreneur, and mentor. Expertise and passion for creating cutting-edge consumer products and services. Strengths include product design, search tech, NLP conversational agents, systems architecture, Android, iOS, graphics, gaming and user interface design.

Holli Arberman

Business Development – Healthcare Focused

Experienced at corporate sales and business development. More than twenty years of experience as a healthcare professional. Passionate about full spectrum of therapy services and healthy eating. Focused on identifying innovative healthcare companies, with a focus on businesses providing products and services that improve the quality of lives for children, elderly and disabled.

Joe Perry

Business Development

Experienced at corporate sales and business development. 

Roger McLelland

Business Development

Experienced President and CEO with a former public company and subsequently with a number of technology companies in organic and sustainable technologies with an international presence. Has a track record of strong International business development, skilled in negotiation, business and strategic planning.

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