Our partners successfully enabled the following public listings:

Redefy Corporation –  flat-fee real estate brokerage & title
Mister Goody, Inc. – business consulting services
SMTP, Inc. – email management services
American Realty Funds Corporation – real estate investments
InnerSpace Corporation – healthcare software
Maxim Mortgage Corporation – residential mortgage brokerage
PR Specialists, Inc. – public relations
Hojo Holdings, Inc. – web design and development
CDbeat.com, Inc. – database marketing

Our partners enabled the following effective registration statements:

Ideal Restaurant Group, Inc. – restaurant development
JAHB Holdings, Inc. – interactive video conferencing

We are presently representing:

Freedom Internet Group Inc.  – acquires royalty interests from Internet based businesses
Healthcare Business Resources Inc. – provides healthcare businesses resources

While we can represent companies from any industry, we are very interested in companies benefiting from artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, robotics and other cutting-edge technology and innovation.